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MFS Intensive Theory Programme

Anyone who wishes to sit ABRSM Grades 6, 7 or 8 practical in any instrument must take and have passed the Grade 5 Theory examinations before applying for practical examinations.


Although it's best to learn theory alongside your instrument, you might be ready for Grade 6 or above but not yet have covered theory to a Grade 5 level. 


As well as offering individual tuition, we have also intensive courses which covers everything you need to know to take the Grade 5 Theory exam in a short period of time. This course is best suited for students who need to fast track on their theory groundwork specifically.  

The course is also a perfect revision opportunity for those who have studied some of the Grade 5 material already and are looking to get back up to speed. Students majoring in other instruments besides piano can sign up for this course as well. 

Testimonial from our high scorer!

Music Theory

Ms Lena provides constructive feedback, which allowed me to make remarkable improvements within a short period of time. I am able to grasp theoretical concepts easily as Lena breaks down complex ideas and imparts effective learning strategies . In addition to her strong capability and passion, she never fails to provide a personal touch and relate to her students. She tailors her teaching method to the individual's learning style. Lessons with her are always fruitful and enjoyable! 

Rae Nyse,

Grade 5 theory intensive course student,

Scored 98/100 (Distinction) for 2017 theory exam. 

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