We want everyone to be able to develop musical skills and fulfil their potential with music
What We Do

Music Studio Forest aims to motivate students at all levels and ages, providing realistic goals and encouraging them for further passion in music.

We teach internationally recognised syllabus from ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and London College of Music with our team of qualified instructors, providing affordable and quality musical education.

We pride ourselves for our strength in Classical Piano and theory training, with many proven successes and results.

Activities for Students

To give our students more exposure and chances to play for others, we organize mini in-house music gatherings to offer students a chance to showcase their playing to other students and parents from Music Forest Studio.

Students who have music examinations during their course of studies with us will have a chance to take mock examinations within the school, conducted by our principal.

Activities for Instructors

We believe in constant upgrading of our instructors' skills and hope to achieve that via workshops, seminars and masterclasses.

Teaching Instructors


Teacher Jaime began her musical journey when she was 7, obtaining her Grade 8 piano certification from ABRSM by the age of 13. Inspired to further her passion in music, she joined the Concert Band in her Secondary School till her university days, playing the saxaphone. She also became an active member in external symphonic bands such as AudioImage Winds Ensemble and Philharmonic Youth Winds.

Music was a pivotal platform for honing her self discipline and confidence. It has allowed her to develop a greater sense of humility and camaraderie with fellow musicians. She continually exhorts herself to keep growing alongside talented individuals. She hopes to share this humbling musical experience with beginning musicians so they too can be exposed to the joy and power of music.

Jian He, Levine

Starting his musical journey since he was 4, Teacher Levine has a Grade 8 piano certification from ABRSM.

He plays the French horn which allowed him to gain more exposure in music and piqued his interest over the years. 

He believes that anyone in all generations have the ability to learn music and that learning music benefits individuals in many ways.

Teacher Levine teaches children's piano classes, music and movement classes for juniors and is currently furthering his studies in Music Theory and Recital in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).


Teacher Jocelyn began her musical journey at the age of 6, and is a Grade 8 Piano certificate holder from ABRSM. She was an active member in of Guitar Ensemble in her Secondary School and held the position of an assistant student conductor. 

She believes that learning music has many benefits and teaches one not to give up. Teacher Jocelyn understands that learning an instrument is difficult, but with guidance from her teachers, she persevered on and passed all her graded exam. She hopes to encourage and guide her students through their musical journey too.

Teacher Jocelyn is currently pursuing a Recital Diploma in Trinity College.

Zi Xin, Clara

Teacher Clara started her musical journey at the age of 6. She has a Grade 8 piano certification by ABRSM, and a Recital Diploma from Trinity College.

She participated in a Piano Ensemble competition and was invited to be a guest player for an external concert. Inspired to pursue a career in music, Teacher Clara is currently furthering her studies in piano recital and music theory.

Teacher Clara believes that learning music is able to promote self-directed learning and perseverance. Having received much guidance and inspiration from her teachers, she is driven to do the same and inspire her students with music.

Lena Huang

Principal and Head Instructor

Teacher Lena has been teaching for the last 19 years in various music schools and also privately since she graduated from university.

She specialises in both theory and piano classes from young beginners to adult learners.

As a classical pianist, Teacher Lena has also trained under renowned pianists like Adam Gyorgy, Steven Spooner and ABRSM/LCM examiner Robert Langston in techniques and performances.

Lena is experienced in examinations across all exam boards (ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, London College of Music) and also gives guidance to students for Music and Higher Music as 'O' level subjects. In order to encourage Music Forest Studio's students to perform better, she plans annual concerts to help them gain recital experiences.

Having also completed her Jazz Piano training, Teacher Lena is currently actively pursuing her interest in flute, piano ensembles and early learnin. She hopes to be able to introduce more genres of piano music in her teaching.

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