At Music Forest Studio, we believe in inspiring achievements in music. 

It’s never too early to start,through our teachings, your child will learn to appreciate and embrace music spontaneously. As an adult, it is also never too late to start, as we guide you into learning music at a comfortable pace and tailor the course to suit your individual needs. 

Music Forest Studio's
Piano Family Programme:
Level 1 and 2
(for age 3 to 4)

Not Available due to Covid-19 Safety precautions

Parent-Child Programme (1 hour duration)

What better way to bond with your child than learning music together? The Piano Family course is a class that requires one parent to sit in together during the entire course. Parent involvement in activities and learning of keyboard is required in this class.

Basic knowledge of rhythm, notes reading, posture and solfege will be taught in the classes through fun activities and carefully-composed pieces! 

Upon completion of Level I ,students will progress to Level II, where the groundwork foundation will be focused on. This will help prepare the child for their classical piano journey with confidence

Music Forest Studio's
Piano Adventures Programme:
Level A, B and C
(for age 3.5 to 5.5)


Individual Only (30 minutes duration)

Conducted in one to one classes  , this course offers fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills wher our instructors can give the children their undivided attention. 

A strong focus on basic technique is embedded through playful technique games, chants, and carefully-composed pieces that gently lead the child into pianistic motions.The course introduces basic rhythms, white key names, and a variety of white and black-key songs that span classical, folk, and blues. Young students will listen, sing, create, and play more musically. We introduce directional pre-reading, elementary music theory and technique with engaging songs, games, and creative discovery at the keyboard. 

Music Forest Studio's
Classical Piano Programme :
Beginners to Diploma
(for age 6 and above)

Individual Only (45mins to 1 hour duration depending on level)


This course allows the individual to pursue optional recognized International piano grade examinations. 


Aside from techniques, rhythms and musicality, the following will be covered according to examination syllabus selected or recommended by the instructor.

  • Scales & Arpeggios

  • Sight Reading

  • Aural Training

  • Theory of music

  • Finger Exercises, & Alternative pieces

*A prerequisite of Grade 5 in ABRSM Graded Music Theory is required before advancing to ABRSM Practical Grade 6-8

6 to 30 UCAS points will be awarded for attaining a ABRSM Qualification (Grade 6, 7 and 8)

ABRSM Piano Syllabus
Music Forest Studio's
Leisure Piano Programme
(for age 6 and above)

Individual only (options of 30mins, 45mins or 60mins)

This course allows the individual of all ages to learn to play piano leisurely. Examination syllabus will not be followed and instead popular pieces or pieces suitable for each individual's levels will be explored for knowledge and learning techniques, rhythms and musicality. Basic theory will be covered to ensure the student has sufficient knowledge to read basic scores.