1. How do I enroll?

You can choose to do either one of the following:


1. Visit us at Music Forest Studio, or

2. Email us at studio.MusicForest@gmail.com, or

3. Fill in the form in "Contact Us" with subject stating "Enrollment".

2. Can I postpone my lesson if I can’t turn up?
You may then postpone your regular lesson (up to a maximum of one lesson per month), provided you notify the studio 2 (two) days in advance at the counter, via email, or dropping us a call/text during working hours. Any notice out of office hours will not be entertained.
Please do not postpone classes via the instructor as it may result in clashes of schedule during arrangement of makeup classes.


3. How can I book my replacement lessons?
You can book a replacement lesson one week in advance of the desired date at the counter, via email or dropping us a call/text during working hours. 

4. I need to terminate my lessons, how may I do so?
You need to give one month’s advance written notice to the studio. To do so, please drop us a text and we will follow up with you accordingly.

5. If my instructor is absent, do I need to pay for that lesson?
No. If your instructor is on MC or is away for holiday/training, there will be replacement for the lessons that were missed. If the instructor’s schedule does not match, your lesson fees will be credited to you in the following month.

6. Do I have to purchase any learning materials?
Yes. If you do not have materials you are currently using or are starting a new course, our instructor will advise you on the books to purchase. The studio has book stock available for purchase and are at a discounted rate for our students. Special order books can also be placed if required.




7. When do I have to pay my school fees?
Your monthly school fees are due on the first week of the month. Our administrative staff will inform you of any credits offset if available. Any fees not paid by the 16th of the month will be subjected to a penalty of $5.

8. What happens if I am on MC or has to stay back in school for activities?

For individual classes, please notify us on the day of your MC and give us a copy of your MC during your next class. If you have to stay back in school for activities and cannot give the studio a 3 days’ notice, please request for a memo from your school's teacher-in-charge and give us a copy at your next class. Do inform the studio by taking a picture of the memo and sending it to the studio. Your class will be credited to you or we can arrange a makeup lesson for you.


9. What happens if I am late for class?

As there are normally students for the next class waiting, our instructors must end the class punctually. However, if time permits, your instructor is not obligated to, but may replace the time for you out of goodwill.

10. If I need to travel for long duration, may I stop and continue later?
Yes. If you are travelling longer than 2 weeks, you can inform us and we can suspend the classes for you. However, the time slot that you have picked for the duration that you are away will be released for new bookings. Please let the studio when you will be returning to arrange a new timing if your old time slot is no longer available.


Do show us a copy of your passport, airline ticket or itinerary showing the dates that you were away. In the event we are unable to schedule a makeup lesson, your lesson fees will be credited to you in the following month.

11. What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and PayNow.

12. What happens if there are 5 lessons in that particular month?
Lessons are conducted every week unless the particular lesson day falls on a public holiday, or if your instructor is away. If there are 5 weekly lessons in a particular month, your lesson fees will be prorated accordingly.


For example, if your monthly school fee is $160 (based on 4 lessons), your school fees for the month with 5 weeks will be $40×5 = $200 (based on 5 lessons). However, if the school is closed for a public holiday, fees will not be charged for that day.

13. Are there any deposits required? Is there any administrative charge? What is the deposit for?

Yes. There is a two-lesson equivalent refundable deposit according to the course you signed up for. The deposit will be returned to you upon termination of classes in the form of credit. You will pay the final month's lessons, less the amount you paid for deposit during enrollment.

This is a security deposit for us in the event where students default on their fee payments or if they terminate their lessons abruptly without giving the required one month’s notice.


There is also a one-time administrative charge of $20 (from 1st August 2022) for all new enrollments.