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Music Forest Studio

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe in cultivating the love and interest in music.  
Music fosters creativity and gives us a form of artistic expression.


Learning music increases brainpower,  memory, and teaches discipline and patience. 


In our studio, we adapt our teaching styles to tailor to individual students as we strongly believe that:

no two students are alike. 

Our founder, Ms Lena, as featured in Straits Times (Little Red Dot) 


Testimonials from
Students and Parents

“Teacher Lena is a patient and caring teacher who seeks to nurture the best in me, providing sensitive guidance on both the intricate details of the music itself, as well as broader musical knowledge and understanding. I learnt to develop my own understanding and interpretation of my repertoires . I now enjoy playing more challenging pieces even during my own free time! ”

Aaron Ong, 

LTCL Recital Student


"Teacher Lena is a caring, competent and patient piano teacher. She has taught my 3 children for over 12 years. My children have grown to love music and to play other instruments like Trombone and Bassoon. She shares her passion for music with her students. I strongly recommend her studio!"

Mrs Judina Cheong, 

Parent of Catherine, Nicholas and Stephanie

"I believe that when a child looks forward to attending a lesson, it shows that the teacher has done a GREAT job! Alexis almost lost her passion in piano when her teacher left for further studies. Thank goodness for Lena, Alexis revived her passion, looks forward to her weekly lessons and enjoys her piano journey once again!

Thank you Lena!"

Angie Ho, 

Parent of Alexis


"I enjoy Teacher Lena's lesson because she will patiently go through with me whatever I don't understand in my theory. She also teaches me to play many new songs, on top of exam pieces and scales! "

Alexis, 13 year old,

Grade 7

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